Buffalo Stack (self​-​titled)

by Buffalo Stack

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In the summer of 2013 my wife Tania and I moved upstate from
Long Island City, Queens to Hudson, NY on a whim. We wanted a change
of pace, cleaner air, and an environment that encouraged more creative
freedom. We started a garden in the yard, found an old upright piano a
farmer was giving away, set up a recording studio, a painting studio for
Tania, and went to work finding our bliss.
I had some songs laying around, and had started some new ones with
hopes of doing a recording project. At Levon Helm's barn late that summer
I found the perfect companions for this project. A group of young
musicians led by Connor Kennedy with Lee Falco on drums and Brandon
Morrison on bass were tearing it up on their opening set.
We made fast friends with the band and invited them over for a couple
weekend sessions at the house; we set up a makeshift control room, put
amps in closets. borrowed some needed gear, and put our heads
together in arranging and recording these songs. Hope you enjoy this
record as much as we enjoyed making it. -Andy


released August 16, 2014

Produced by Andy Stack / Engineered and Mixed by Andy Stack & Brandon Morrison / Assistant Engineer - Justin Bohr / Recorded at Buffalo Stack Studios in Hudson NY / Mastered by Ruben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, L.A. / Written and Performed by Buffalo Stack (Andy Stack, Brandon Morrison, Lee Falco, Tania Elizabeth Stack) / Published by Andy Stack Music (ASCAP) with the exception of “She”, written by Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge / Photography by Roman Dean / In-session photography by Justin Bohr / Original painting & album artwork by Tania Elizabeth Stack /

Musicians: Andy Stack / Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals, Piano / Keyboards on “Brother”, “Dangerous”, “This Time It’s Different” & “Gone in a Flash”, Backing Vocals // Brandon Morrison / Bass, Backing Vocals // Lee Falco / Drums, Backing Vocals // Tania Elizabeth Stack / Strings, Backing Vocals / Connor Kennedy / Backing Vocals on “Maryanne” / Jeremy Baum / Organ, Clavinet, Piano / Rich Hinman / Pedal Steel // NYSJE Horns: Fred Reiter, Tenor Sax // Kevin Batchelor, Trumpet //

special thank you to: Jesse Kolber / Otto Hauser / Bob Power / Justin Bohr / Maryanne Marino-Purcell / Tim Smeal / Paul Amara / Robin Wildes / Rob Caldwell / Rick Mullen / Jay Andersen / Maya Azucena / Bob Beach / The Falco Family / The Morrison Family / Connor Kennedy / Mark Stack / Melissa Ahern / Brandon Ahern / Patti Quinn / Ingrid & Gerald Tourigny / Denise Lacroix / Guillermo O’Higgins / Daniel Baronet & Linda Bellegarde / Myriam Baronet-Bellegarde / Jonah Smith / Mike & Ruthy / The Duhks / The Avett Brothers / Linda Mussman & Claudia Bruce / Grateful Fred / The Tow Family / Andrew Paul / Joe Johnson //



all rights reserved


Buffalo Stack Hudson, New York

After 13 years as a successful NYC musician, Andy Stack & his new wife Tania Elizabeth moved to Hudson on a whim. One night at Levon Helm's Barn they heard Lee Falco, Brandon Morrison & Connor Kennedy tearing it up, & the 5 became fast friends. Over the course of 8 months they've created a band and an album that elevates every person in the band with its' synergy of experience and youthful energy. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Wait
Don’t Wait
Don’t wait / don’t hesitate / you might find out when it’s too late / freedom is a notion / but that don’t mean you’re free /so come with me / won'tcha come with me / don’tcha wait / take a chance / don’t wait on circumstance / it’s never completely right / but you don’t have to fight it tonight / how is tonight? / CHORUS: I know your heart has been dragged on the floor / but sometimes it takes just a couple of falls before, before // Don’t you wait / I see you there / In your thinking chair / you're coming up with reasons / why you don't believe him / is that fair /that isn’t fair /open up / i know you hear me / when i’m knocking on your door /come on out the house / we will forget about / what came before / came before / CHORUS // i’d better wait / i’d better slow down / she will come around / all good things in time / from the seed to the vine / and that’s fine / that’s just fine / CHORUS //
Track Name: Maryanne
Maryanne / won't you take me home? / I'm drunk and dirty / and I'm outta control / Maryanne / look how you've grown / you got a couple of kids / and a home of your own / CHORUS: Maybe I could stay awhile / maybe find what I really need / maybe I could start again / down here in New Orleans // Maryanne / I hear you take it slow / down on the bayou / we'd watch the river flow / Maryanne / I love them weepin' willow trees / and the trumpet sounds / from them old balconies / CHORUS // Maryanne / I'll just be a little while / I blew all my money / least I went out in style / Well I messed up / lost my job, my love / you know I cheated and I lied / but I know I can change /you always saw my good side / CHORUS //
Track Name: Brother
Brother / what a mess / this world of bitterness / lookin' around at this contest / wonderin' how I compare to the rest / I fought my best / and I've come up empty / it's not how it's meant to be // Brother / I've lost my cool / in this jealous inner duel / between who I am / where I wanna be / spinnin' tails / endlessly / but life is not just a tale about me / it's not how it's meant to be / CHORUS: Well I've laid my gun on the table / I've got nothing to hide anymore / love come and find me if you're able / and take the chains I put up on my door // Brother / let's try again / and let a little light in / ‘cause my heart beats / just like yours / keepin' my dream and plotting my course / but what can we do but follow faithfully? / It's just how it's meant to be //
Track Name: Dangerous
You’re dangerous / you're making me weak / all tied up / and on my knees / you’re dangerous / I don't know what you've planned / but i'll submit / to your demands // I'm acting wild / like a lovesick child / in your cool company / I try to hide / my delicate side / but you're running me / you're running me // You’re dangerous / I try to put you down / but like an alley cat / you come back around / you’re dangerous / I know you'll drop me fast / when he gets home / because he got the cash // It's hard to trust / is it greed or lust / or just something you need / can't give you up / like an opiate / and it's draining me / it's draining me // Youre dangerous / It’s in my blood / you’re dangerous / like a loaded gun / you’re dangerous / you think you know me / but I got sides you have not seen / you’re dangerous //
Track Name: Gold or Lead
Seems like I'm treading water / since I lost touch with you / I'm still looking for an anchor / something I can hold onto / it's not that I can blame you / we all gotta survive / but it hurt that I couldn't please you / with things that money can't buy / sometimes it's like the devil's at my neck, saying / CHORUS: Gold or lead / which will you choose / pick your poison / you're bound to lose / we're all throwing something away / living each day // Yes you're going to stay with that man / you're going to try and love him / the best that you can / I know he don't see you / the way I do / is it worth it to you? / I'm still out on the road / one night stands and dives / lights and microphones / keeping this dream alive / but sometime's it's like the devil's at my neck, saying / CHORUS // You'll never catch me driftin' / ya gotta keep moving or die / and I'll never sell my freedom / I've got my eye on the prize / And I would fight to the death / CHORUS //
Track Name: Charlotte
Charlotte was an actress / she learned when she was young / how to keep expression from her face / her mamma left her with an atlas / said be careful where you run / remember baby life is a game that you play / but it ain't always fair / and it's not safe / the vultures never quit // Charlotte was a loner / she didn't need your help / just a temporary place to stay / and if you get too close / she might turn to someone else / and you'll wonder how you let her get away /
within / always was a current / rushing / a force beyond control / CHORUS: She could play / the part of an angel / depending on the day / depending on the day / she could sing / make you believe her / that was just her way / that was just her way // He tried so hard to reach her / but it just wouldn't take / 'cause promises never meant that much / she learned hard long ago / it's disappointing / to reach for things you know you shouldn't touch / she played / the part of his lover / but there's no way / she'd ever let him in / CHORUS //
Track Name: She
She came from the land of the cotton / a land that was nearly forgotten by everyone / and she worked and she slaved so hard / a big old field was her back yard in the Delta sun / CHORUS: Oh, but she sure could sing / oh, she sure could sing // He looked down and he took a little pity / the whole town swore he decided / he'd help her some / and he didn't mind if she wasn't very pretty / deep inside his heart he knew / she was the only one / CHORUS // BRIDGE: She had faith, she had believing / she led all the people together in singing / she prayed every night to the lord up above / Hallelujah, hallelujah // They used to walk singing songs by the river / even when she knew for sure / she had to go away / and she never knew what her life had to give her / and never had to worry about it / for one single day / CHORUS //
Track Name: This Time It's Different
Vegas wasn't build on winners, baby / but I'll take my chance with you / take a midnight ride on the I-15 on the first day of June / let's bet the farm / let's go for bust / though I've seen what love can do / I've been set up and I've been mislead / and I've been lied to / CHORUS: But this time it's different / than it was with the others / than any other lover / this time it’s different // We’ll take our ticket / stand in line / at the plush hotel with the neon sign / the justice of the blues / simply the king / he gonna fit you temporary with a plastic ring / we'll get our picture taken in a pink Cadillac / then we’ll have a drink and head out the back / I've been in love before / but this ain't the same / say wait a minute / what's your name? / CHORUS: This time you’re different / than any other lover / than your dear old mother / this time you’re different / this time I'm different / than I was with the others / than my deadbeat father / this time I’m different // This is the one / but that’s easy to say / like believing in God when things are going my way / I’ve never been one to take my time / I’ve always been a sucker for the thrill of the high / CHORUS: But you’re different / than any other lover / than your dear old mother / this time you’re different / this time I'm different / than I was with the others / than my deadbeat father / this time I’m different / this time it's different / this time it's different / this time I’m different //
Track Name: Gone In A Flash
And it was gone in a flash / looking back / I can almost taste it / and I just woke up / from a decade of lust / that I wasted / CHORUS: You could call it insane / when you're drawn to the flame / but at least you're awake / for a moment / just one taste / you'll be spinnin' in it's wake / it might be more than you can take / but you like it // And now my friends on the scene / they don't call / they don't wonder / and that romantic sheen / will make you believe / that lies are better / CHORUS: You could call it insane / when you're drawn to the flame / but at least you're awake / for a moment / just a little taste / you'll be spinnin' in it's wake / it might be more than you can take / but you want it / now // BRIDGE: I'm frozen / barely broken / bare bones / wide open / I'm frozen / barely broken / bare bones / wide open // CHORUS: You could call it insane / when you're drawn to the flame / but at least you're awake / for a moment / just a little taste / you'll be spinnin' in it's wake / it might be more than you can take / but you want it //